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ERP Selection In The Pharma Industry - (ERP Implementation)

Whether you are a Research-based Pharmaceutical manufacturer dealing with huge capital costs and risks, and ever-increasing governmental ... thumbnail 1 summary

Whether you are a Research-based Pharmaceutical manufacturer dealing with huge capital costs and risks, and ever-increasing governmental threats to Patent Protection guarantees, or a Generic Pharmaceutical manufacturer competing in a crowded marketplace, the challenges in the diverse Pharmaceutical industry are largely the same:
- Cost-containment in all areas of the product life-cycle, including Lean manufacturing practices.
- Instant Lot Recalls.
- Increasing Government regulation world-wide.
- Diversified recommendation and distribution networks.

Management in the Pharmaceutical business is a juggling act between costs, innovation and compliance - and access to data is critical You know you must exploit the new manufacturing management information and decision support systems to help in making those management judgments.

And you ask yourself: “Isn't there some way I can look after everything, including my regulatory compliance, in one system that will give me the confidence in my decision-making and the sure knowledge that nothing is left to chance?”

Process manufacturing based ERP solution with pharmaceutical flavor is the answer. Combined with everything the modern Pharmaceutical Manufacturer needs to meet the regulatory compliance needs of this complex industry while focusing on what's really important: delivering quality products at the right price to their customer’s right when they need them.

Key points to be evaluated while selecting an ERP for Pharma Industry

o HACCP, USDA, FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11, cGMP, ICH & EU Directive 91/356 requirements regulatory compliance support, including Audit Logs and reporting
o cGMP support with SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) screen - embedded
o Access to written and audio instructions, graphic process flows, even video!
o The original and most proven Formula Management system with comprehensive Bill of Materials functionality that provides flexible packaging alternatives, with support for Private Label Manufacturing
o Advanced Costing decision support: 'What-if' costing, 5 simultaneous costing methods supported, plus productivity, utilization and yield analysis
o Comprehensive and effective Inventory management
o Multiple pricing and promotion options
o Consistent and coherent Lot Tracking System with product recall and explosion capabilities
o Lot Attributes
o Availability of numerous analytical reports to cater to different needs
o Pre- process, In process and Post-process Quality Control testing
o Automatic Reformulation based on Target Values as well as pricing based on the Target Values (Lot Strength)
o Proper Co-products and By-products Management
o Numerous Lot Picking Strategies plus Quarantine Support and Shelf Life longevity
o Advanced Forecasting, with transfer of forecasts to Sales Orders
o Sales Templates for rapid Customer Service response
o Business Intelligence & CRM Capabilities
o Advanced Formula Security, Last Logon and Log Offs

Financial Modules Highlights:

* Tight Control on all Accounting Modules and Information
* True Integration across the application
* Full Multilingual and Multi Currency capabilities
* efficiently tackles demanding budgets
* Easily handles Processing needs
* Maximized Accuracy of Financial Data
* Up-to-date Sales information along with outstanding balances
* Full-Integration with Banking Services, for complete Bank Reconciliation
* Streamlined Cash Flow System
* Varied Accounting and reporting features resulting in Fast Invoice Entry, Flexible Cash Disbursement and Full-Cheque Reconciliation
* TDS and Fixed Assets Accounting
* Instant availability of balance in Personal Account and CENVAT Register
* Duty Payments debited automatically while a warning is raised in case of insufficient credit balance
* Complete Status about Finished Goods manufactured, cleared and in stock availability
* All excise document generated in compliance with procedure laid down as per Statute
* Information about total CENVAT availed and utilized can be obtained in no-time
* Detailed Information on duties paid is stored and accessible with the click of a button
* Hassle Free and spontaneous preparation of monthly, quarterly returns of ER1
* Supports Multiple Companies
* Effective Data Backup and Restore Utilities
* Intuitive GUI provided through windows environment; supports multiple users.