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PRODUCTION PLANNING – Contingency Plan for Pharma Industry

PRODUCTION PLANNING   Contingency Plan for Pharma Industry Scope To meet contingencies arises because of non-availability of on-line Enter... thumbnail 1 summary
Contingency Plan for Pharma Industry

To meet contingencies arises because of non-availability of on-line Enterprise Resource Planning Suite due to

·        ERP System Failure
·        Non-Availability of power

Subject to failure recovery expected time will be more than an hour, than Head of Planning will take decision for working on Manual procedure to utilize operational time. This may be for whole operational activities (Warehouse, QA/QC, Production & dispatch) or may be for any selected area (s).

This procedure is applicable as a whole or can be used in separate areas.

1.      Warehouse official shall receive material as per normal practice and will prepare manual MRR. Copy of MRR will be forwarded to QC for intimation and sampling purposes. (MRR Format Attached)

2.      Warehouse will prepare manual Quarantine label and affix them on Stock as required.

3.      QC will do the sampling and will paste Sample drawn labels.

4.      If item is approved than they will affix manual approved labels and if rejected than it will paste rejected labels. QC make sure than Manual labels are dully signed and have all the information.

5.      Planning will use copy of top sheet of BMR (i.e., MO) as a pick list for batches. This MO will be signed by Planning officials.

6.      On the basis of this document, Warehouse official will give material to dispensing. (Format attached).

7.      Manufacturing personnel will note down all their activities on BMR.

8.      Similarly, QA & QC will be incorporating their approvals and remarks on BMR.

9.      Planning will give Item requirement (Format Attached) to Packing, which will be called as ‘Manual Packing Order’.

10.  Packing Section will give these ‘Manual Packing Order’ to Packaging Store.

11.  Packing will issue material on Manual Issue Note (Format Attached).

12.  Packing will complete their log guide and will submit their documents to QA along with (Manual Transfer Note).

13.  QA will check these documents and will give Manual Released Stickers & Transfer Note to Finished Goods Store (FGS).

14.  Finished Goods Store will then dispatch these on Manual DC note. (Format Attached)

15.  In case of Direct Sales, Contingency Plan of Direct will be used.

16.  All areas will update their entries immediately after restoring of Oracle System

  • All manual documents should be properly signed and should be recorded properly.
  • Manual working may take more time as compare to normal automated working.
  • After restoration of Oracle System, priority should be given for in-corporation.