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Master Recipe - SAP PP Module

Master Recipe - SAP PP Module In the master recipe, the processes (list of operations/ a given sequence/ task list) to be used for prod... thumbnail 1 summary

Master Recipe - SAP PP Module

In the master recipe, the processes (list of operations/ a given sequence/ task list) to be used for producing materials as well as the resources and components required for production are defined.
A master recipe consists of a header and several operations, each of which is carried out at a resource. An operation is subdivided into phases.
A phase is an independent process step that contains the detailed description of a part of the entire manufacturing process. Phases are carried out at the primary resource of their superior operation.
At MYCOMPANY, we would create Master Recipe for semi-finished and finished materials. At MYCOMPANY, the master recipe would consist of multiple operations and phases (sub-operations).
The way phases are related to each other specifies the sequence of the manufacturing process. Phase relationships can be sequential, parallel, or overlapping.
Several materials required for the execution of a specific process step can be planned for an operation or phase. These materials must be components of the BOM for the material to be produced.

A phase contains standard values (Standard values are used in costing, scheduling, and capacity planning to calculate costs, execution times, and capacity requirements) for activities. These values serve to calculate dates, capacity requirements, and costs.

Creation of Master Recipe

Process owner
Triggering event
Create Master Recipe
A fundamental activity required for all types of film production.
The NPD Manager would define a base quantity for the finished as well as semi-finished products and corresponding to this base quantity would maintain the operating time standards for the production. The NPD Manager would also select a resource at which a particular operation could be performed.
In a recipe the relationship between an operation (phase) and component allocation is also defined. The NPD Manager would define components those would be issued against an operation. This process is called Component Allocation.
Manager NPD
When SAP landscape is being created or when a new material would be brought into production.
Create Alternative Recipe
Since at MYCOMPANY, similar type of products could be produced at more than one resource, in such a case, multiple recipes would be created in the system, termed as ALTERNATIVE recipe.
Manager NPD
When a base recipe already exists and there are multiple ways methods or formulations existing for the production of same product.

At MYCOMPANY, the Manager NPD is currently responsible for maintaining both the BOMs as well as routings (the task list/recipe).

The NPD Development Master recipe will be created as shown below

Editing Master Recipe (To-Be Process)

Process owner
Triggering event
Edit Master Recipe
The NPD Manager may decide to edit a master recipe for a particular film if there were any change in the formulation.
While editing a recipe, the NPD Manager may edit the base quantity, the number of operations or the component allocation.
The NPD Manager may also edit a master recipe in case of new machine procurement. For example if MYCOMPANY decides to scrap film line 1 in future and procure a new machine film line 4 instead. In this scenario, master recipe would also be edited.
Manager NPD
Any change in Master recipe has to be brought via CHANGE CONTROL initiated and approved by QA. At MYCOMPANY, there are following possibilities because of which the master recipe may be edited:
1.       Change in status i.e. from development (Created) to Commercial (RELEASED GENERAL).
2.       Creation of a new resource (Installation of new plant or equipment resulting in new standard values for a given task list).
3.       New BOM definition (new substitute or quantity structure).
4.       Changes in batch size.

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