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Resources for Production Planning - SAP PP Module

Resources for Production Planning Resources (Work Centers) are production facilities (or group of people) where any production relate... thumbnail 1 summary

Resources for Production Planning

Resources (Work Centers) are production facilities (or group of people) where any production related operations are carried out. Every resource is assigned a capacity.  Capacity refers to the ability of resource to perform a specific task or operation with reference to a time frame.


Resource Categories:

Resources are subdivided into categories to specify their suitability for certain purposes or their use in certain processes.

Resources can be, for example:

·             Persons involved in production that are also recorded as employees in personnel administration. In caseof MYCOMPANY, the packing staff (for example) would fall under this category.
·               Parts of the plant that are used for production (processing units/machines). In case of MYCOMPANY, Auto-clave in the area of sterile manufacturing would fall in this category.
·                     Parts of the plant that are used for intermediate storage (storage resources).
·               Parts of the plant that are used for both intermediate storage and production (storage resources / processing units). At MYCOMPANY, the tanks in the area of Oral Solution Manufacturing would fall in this category.


Resource Significance:

We assign resources to operations and phases in the master and in process orders to specify with whom or at which parts of the plant a process step is carried out.
The data in the resource are used, for example, for:



The calculation of start date and end date of an operation is done via scheduling. Scheduling formulae are maintained in resource (work centers).



Costing data has to be maintained in order to cost the activities performed at the resource (Work Centres). The costing data consists of assignment of a Cost Centre to the resource.

At MYCOMPANY the costs are monitored for each resource (Work Centre). Therefore, each resource (Work Centre) would be assigned to a cost centre. Formulas for calculating the operation costs are also maintained in the resource (Work Centre).


Capacity Requirements Planning

Capacity is the ability to perform a specific task with reference to time. It is defined in terms of machine hours or production hours. Capacities can be entered and changed in resources as well as independently. Formulas for calculating capacity requirements for an operation are maintained in resources.


Information Required for Resource

While creating a resource, following data is given:
Information Required
Resource Number
Number that identifies a resource uniquely
Plant, to which the resource belongs to
Resource Category
A resource category groups resources according to their characteristics and use. The resource category controls the screen sequence and field selection. This means it determines which data is to be maintained for the resource.
Commonly used resource categories are Labour, Machine, Storage resource etc.
Capacities assigned refer to the number of hours a resource is available for production, along with the formulas of calculating the capacity requirement in that resource
A capacity is used to calculate the start and finish dates of an operation.
Assignment of Cost Centre and its activity types to calculate the cost of every activity in a resource.


Creation of resource

Process owner
Triggering event
Create Resource
The production designated personnel would create a resource if a new machine were procured.
Production Manager
When SAP landscape is being created or when a new material would be brought into production.
Edit Resource
The production Manager would edit a resource if the operating efficiency were changed for example.
Resource could also be edited if the shift hours or shift sequence of a resource were changed.
Resource could also be edited if the cost centre allocated were changed.
Production Manager
Following events could lead to editing of resources:
1. Change in operational efficiency.
2. Change in Capacity planner group.
3. Change in shift sequence or shift hours.
4. Change in Person Responsible.
5. Change in Cost centre. 
Delete Resource
The production designated personnel would delete a resource if a particular resource has to be discontinued or scrapped.

As and when required.

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