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Functionality Required in SAP

Functionality Required in SAP Production Planning Bills of Material  Work Center Routing Production Resources/ Tool... thumbnail 1 summary

Functionality Required in SAP

Production Planning

  • Bills of Material 
  • Work Center
  • Routing
  • Production Resources/ Tools
  • Receipt of Forecast
  • Netting of Forecast (considering distributor’s order)
  • Develop Initial Master Plan
  • Capacity Evaluation against MPS
  • Netting of MPS based on capacity utilization
  • Materials Availability status against net MPS
  • Capacity & Materials Planning (Long Term) against 10-15 years Forecast
  • Weekly Production Plan (MFG & PKG) date and machine wise with B. Numbers
  • Plan Conformance Report (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Product Cycle time details
  • Provision of Machine trials (tools & Packing Materials) in weekly plan
  • Provision of Preventive Maintenance in MPS/Weekly Plan
  • Redressing and reprocess batches (Planning and tracking)
  • Machine wise utilization (efficiency) report
  • Forecast variance report
  • Forecast Vs Actual order Vs Dispatch report
  • Near Expiry items report
  • Stock cover report (F.G)
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Sales Detail Report
  • Pending Orders Customer wise
  • Pending Orders Country Wise
  • Calculation of SFG batches against pending orders

Materials Requirement Planning - MRP

  • Planning Execution (MRP Run)
  • Procurement Proposal
  • Planning Evaluation
  • Alert for pull & push 
  • Over due and early shipments
  • Supplier Performance report
  • Near Expiry/Retest due report
  • Stock Cover Report (R.M/P.M)
  • Materials tracking report (Location & status wise)
  • Material Receiving Report with current status
  • Materials shortage against MPS and current status
  •  ABC classification based on consumption/purchases and future projection
  • Slow moving stocks
  • Materials not in Use
  • Product Group Wise Active SFG, F.G 
  • List Of Batches (W.I.P, Pending, Cancel, Close, Complete)
  • MFG ORDER With PKG order (SFG consumption in F.G)
  • Formula with On-hand/Current Status and last batch detail
  • Material Use In multiple products
  • Material Stock Tracking (availability on different stages)
  • First Batch Detail
  • Batch Pick List
  • Product Last Batch No.
  • Product Last Batch No. Stage Wise (Pending, W.I.P, GFLR, Completed, Close)
  • Item master summary
  •  Item with Inv Category
  • Item Master detail
  • Item List with Creation Date
  • Inventory Current Balance Lot Wise
  • Inventory Item wise sum.
  • Inventory In-Out Flow report
  • Quarantine Inventory (MRR WISE)
  • Purchase Order Detail
  • Bin Card
  • Material Issue Note
  • Internal Transfer Note
  • Transfer Note List
  • Demand Vs Supply
  • Country Wise Order Status
  • Order Status Report (Detail & summary value and quantity wise)
  • Export Order with Stock Position
  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Requisition Print
  • Purchase Requisition Tracking
  • Physician sample order in system for tracking

Distributors Order

  • Ending inventories with distributor (Last Month)
  • Inventory Policy product wise
  • Rolling Forecast For Distributor
  • Order will be prepared on the basis of assumed ending stocks

Toll in and Toll Out

  • Production Planning
  • Materials Planning
  • Capacity & Resource Planning

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