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Quality Manual Purpose a)        To assure that materials and products are properly protected against damage or deterioration throughout t... thumbnail 1 summary
Quality Manual


a)        To assure that materials and products are properly protected against damage or deterioration throughout the process until it reaches the customer.


a)        This element covers all stores & godowns, Product Departments and the Client Service Department.

15.1    General

15.1.a Keeping in view COMPANY’s existing product line, and the material and items procured to manufacture, no material or item is of fragile nature or requiring any special storage, handling and preservation instructions. However, all items are stored at required temperature in designated locations with instructions to ensure adequate segregation of different items at the designated areas thus ensuring safety from any unforeseen circumstances or activity.

15.1.b For finished goods, packaging and delivery of product, both are done on the basis of specifications and requirements received from the customer. However, adequate discretion is exercised where possible to ensure that quality of product does not get effected during any process.

15.2    Handling

15.2.a As such there is no specific training imparted for the handling of product except for a general instruction that it is to be ensured that material of its packaging is not damaged during handling. However, some specific measures have been designed to ensure the same.

            * For incoming products, it is ensured that after taking the test sample from any pack, the pack is properly closed / sealed. Laborers are perpetually trained to ensure that there is no rough handling of goods which may result in damages.

            * Trolleys have been provided at all production processes for safe handling of        material.

            * Concerned personnel involved in handling of hazardous chemicals are     instructed to use the necessary mask & gloves for personal safety.

            * Handling of finished product cartons are supervised by the Production       Manager & support staff to ensure proper handling and stacking.

15.3    Storage

15.3.a Designated stores / godowns have been identified for the storage of different items. Different stores have been made to ensure that trouble free issuance, application of safety requirements, maintenance of stocks etc. An effort has been made to identify specified areas for storage of different items e.g. Specified area for Raw Material, Packing Material, Finished Goods, Quarantines etc.

15.3.b All receipts are in the stores / godowns are recorded on Material Received Report ( MRR ) ( Other documents such as Gate Passes, Delivery Challans etc. are also received and maintained by the stores ). MRR is also used to verify the suppliers bills. For non production related items and production items that are purchased from general retailers, Gate Pass serves as a MRR.  

15.3.c Issues from the stores are made on Challans and Requisition sheets.

15.3.d Items in storage are perpetually inspected to verify their condition. Dirty, obsolete and damaged items are removed and inventory adjusted accordingly. In addition to this, a Stores Inspection Report is prepared, at least on a quarterly basis to assess the adequacy of the storage conditions..

15.3.e Stock reports in the form of purchase and consumption reports are prepared. Stock registers, bin cards etc. are used to maintain stock of each item. These records are updated using the receipt and issuance documents such as requisitions, delivery challans, MRR etc.   

15.4    Packaging

15.4.a Packing specifications are received from the customers and are forwarded to the Packing for implementation. QAD is responsible to check conformance to specifications.

15.4.b Markings may include identification stickers, carton markings, markings on poly bags etc. Carton supplier receive the carton marking draft to ensure conformance. Where number of cartons are to be stated on the cartons, the same is done by the subcontractor and inspected by representatives of the company

5.4.d   Product finally packed in master cartons is stacked and transferred to F.G store through hand pallet trolleys from where it is transferred to distribution houses on loading transport.

15.5    Preservation

15.5.a Product finally packed in master carton and stacked on pallets is transferred to F.G Store through trolley, preservation conditions are adequate to ensure preservation of quality of the product from damage during transit and storage and from external environment.

15.5.b For incoming goods suppliers are requested to send materials in such packaging which ensures preservation of material during the length of storage period and delivery. It is always preferred that suppliers packaging is used during storage, however, re-packaging is not ruled out wherever required.

15.5.c Appropriate segregation of items in accordance with their individual need and requirement is done. Adequate protection from external environment is provided. Where specific preservation requirements are required for the goods, requirements are complied with.

15.6    Delivery

15.6.a Delivery of the finished product is done by the stores dept, after receiving the Packing List. Finance manager is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of all export related documentation. 

15.6.b It is ensured by the Materials Resource Dept. that the subcontractors do not allow overloading of packed cartons in trucks and, in case of trucks which are not covered, tarpaulin is used during transit.