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ERP Overview

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a vital part of any corporate infrastructure.  A company's sensitive data is often recorded and maintained through an ERP system, including financials, timekeeping, and inventory management, making it critical to ensure that the corporate ERP system is configured to run appropriately for your business. 
In order to achieve the desired result of an optimally configured ERP system, it is important that the ERP implementation project be thoroughly planned and managed from start to finish.
An ERP implementation without appropriate planning and project management can be a disaster. There are many areas that must be covered to ensure a successful, on-time implementation, including identifying short and long-term business strategies.

What to expect from an ERP Implementation?

Each company is unique in terms of the data that is managed through their ERP system. Some businesses utilize ERP software to manage only financial information, while others include inventory, customer relationships, and time management for employees and projects.
InfinIT Consulting’s experienced team of IT professionals can help meet your unique business goals and help guide you through the process with expert ERP project management services including:
  • ERP financial implementations including multi-national accounting needs
  • ERP time-keeping implementation (including employee time-keeping and project time-keeping)
  • ERP manufacturing and inventory implementations
  • ERP customer management and relations implementations

Why choose InfinIT Consulting for your ERP Project Management?

InfinIT Consulting’s experienced team of IT professionals can help meet your unique business goals and help with all aspects of a comprehensive ERP project including:
  • Identify critical business needs and decide which ERP solution is right for you
  • Plan the ERP implementation from start to finish, including full risk analysis, timeline development, and contingency planning
  • Develop key project milestones and ensure they are met
  • Ensure the project stays on track and finishes on time
  • Feel confident that the ERP implementation is proceeding as planned and designed to provide the most value for your business
Whether you are planning on implementing your first ERP system, you want to migrate to a new ERP system, or you are in the middle of an ERP implementation that seems to have lost its way, you should hire experience IT professionals specialize in IT project management who can help and ensure that your ERP system is implemented in the most value-driven, cost-effective way possible. 

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