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Goods Receipt - Inventory Mangement - SAP Implementation

Goods Receipt Goods will be received in stores against purchase orders. The movement of the material will depend upon the nature of... thumbnail 1 summary

Goods Receipt

Goods will be received in stores against purchase orders. The movement of the material will depend upon the nature of material, i.e. whether it is a stock material or a non-stock material and whether the material is to undergo quality inspection or not.

Goods Receipt into Unrestricted Use Stock

Goods can be received against purchase orders, into unrestricted stock. Such receipts are valuated and are made against movement type 101. The result of posting into unrestricted stock is that both the quantity and value of the stock is updated and goods are available for consumption. A material document as well as an accounting document is created. Promotional items, plant spares and are non-valuated items and will be received into un-restricted use stock.

Goods Receipt into Quality Inspection Stock

Goods Receipt can also be made in quality inspection stock. Goods received in this stock type are also valuated, resulting in stock quantity and value updation. Receiving is done against movement type 101, and resulting material and accounting documents are generated. With quality management integration, a quality inspection lot is generated and the material cannot be made available for use, till an appropriate usage decision is made.

Goods Receipt into GR Blocked Stock

Goods can be received in blocked stock using movement type 103. These receiving are not valuated. Material documents are created; however, no accounting document is generated. Only when goods are released from blocked stock (movement type 105), accounting is carried out.

The quantity posted into goods receipt blocked stock is not added to the inventory or managed as part of the inventory. It is only recorded in the purchase order history. You would use goods receipt blocked stock, for example, if the vendor's certificate for the delivered quantity were missing, or if the delivered material is visibly damaged and cannot be returned to the vendor immediately or if you wanted to inspect a small quantity of the material before posting the actual goods receipt.

Goods Received for Direct Consumption

Goods received for direct consumption are received for purchase orders using the account assignment field. Such receipts are valuated and generate a material as well as an accounting document. Movements are done using movement type 101.

All goods receipts will contain the following basic information (if the information has been maintained):

·         Supplier Name
·         Manufacturer Name
·         Origin
·         Gross weight
·         Tare weight
·         Receiving Location
·         Supplier Lot Number
·         Total Containers
·         Purchase Order Number
·         PO Date
·         Goods Receipt Number
·         Delivery Note
·         DC Date
·         Receipt date
·         Material Number and Description
·         Lot number with Mfg date and Exp date
·         Receipt quantity
·         Unit of measure

Most of the above information will be automatically copied from Purchase Order to Goods Receipt.

Upon posting a goods receipt document, the system will generate an internal number, as per the standard settings. Number range (5000000000 – 5999999999).

  • Provision of Rack Shelf Bin was required. MOM 15-Jul-2008. (Will be catered in WM)
  • Overage report is needed for all the materials in terms of potency of the material provided.

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