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SAP Goods Receipt Process - Inventory Management - SAP Implementation

SAP Recommended Process: Goods Receipt Case 1: Raw Materials/Machine Spares received against Purchase Orders Stock items include... thumbnail 1 summary

SAP Recommended Process: Goods Receipt

Case 1: Raw Materials/Machine Spares received against Purchase Orders

Stock items include raw materials, packaging materials, imported finish goods, imported semi finished goods, machine and spares, promotional items and chemicals received against purchase orders. The materials will be received at their respective storage locations e.g. Raw Material WH, Spares WH, etc. The materials for which quality inspection has been set up have to undergo a quality inspection check. Material will be received against movement type 101, but the stock type will be quality inspection stock. A quality inspection lot will be created as soon as material is received and the transaction will be transferred to quality management.

For raw materials and packaging materials that are to be handled in lots, a system generated lots number would be assigned. Number Range 0000000001 to 9999999999. For every goods receipt a new lots number would be generated and if multiple lots of a material are received in the same delivery, partial GRs will be generated in the system.

Case 2: Finished Products from Subcontractors

All finished products which are subject to subcontracting, when received have to undergo quality inspection. For subcontracted items, receiving will be against movement type 101. An inspection lot will be created and the received material will be shown under stock type quality inspection, until the lot has been checked and approved.

Case 3: Promotional Items, Operational Supplies, Chemicals & Non-Valuated Materials received against Purchase Orders

Promotional Items are under the ownership of the marketing department. The requisitioner will be informed when the goods are received at the store. They are checked manually by the requisitioner & then received. They are directly consumed at the time of goods receipt and the inventory will be maintained only on a quantity basis. As soon as they are received they are charged to the marketing department. Similarly, non-valuated materials and chemicals will be dealt with in a similar fashion, with the consumption being charged to the requisitioning department and inventory will be maintained on the basis of quantity. Operational Supplies (Non-Stock items) will be completely charged off to the requisitioning department and their inventory will not be maintained.

Case 4: Materials for Toll Received from Customers

Materials are sent by the customers when they order products for toll manufacturing. The inventory for these materials is to be maintained only on a quantitative basis. Hence, these materials will be received in inventory at the Raw & Packaging Material Warehouse, against movement type 501. The movement will generate a material document but no accounting document will be created.

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