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Goods Issuance in SAP - Inventory Management - SAP Implementation

Goods Issuance SAP Recommended Process: Goods Issue The system supports both planned and unplanned goods issuance. It is recomme... thumbnail 1 summary

Goods Issuance

SAP Recommended Process: Goods Issue

The system supports both planned and unplanned goods issuance. It is recommended to issue goods only after they are planned.

For all planned issuance, reservations need to be created in the system. Goods will only be issued against the reservation. The reservation can be created manually or automatically. The purpose of a reservation is to ensure that a material will be available when it is needed. It also serves to simplify and accelerate the goods issue process and prepare the tasks at the point of goods issue.

Case 1: Planned Goods Issuance against Process Order

Reservations will be made automatically by the production order / maintenance order and will be issued using movement type 261. These reservations can only be changed via the process order.

Please Note: If material is unavailable, purchase requisitions will be created via MRP.

Case 2: Deliveries against Sales Order (Physician Samples, Local & Export Sales)

This scenario covers issuance made against sales orders. The sale order types include sale made to Regional Sales Managers (RSMs) for physician samples, local and export sales. (Scenarios to be separately established on SD documents.)

Case 3: Unplanned Goods Issuance against Cost Centre

If you cannot reference a document (such as a production order or reservation) when entering the goods issue, you must enter an ‘other’ goods issue without reference and enter all the necessary data manually. Such cases are referred to as unplanned goods issues.

Case 4: Planned Goods Issuance against Cost Centre

When a user department requires material it will create a reservation manually. This transaction will reserve material for the user department. The concerned authority will check and approve the reservation by allowing movement for the reservation generated by his department. Material will be issued against the reservation using movement type 201.

Engineering Dept will create reservations for spares in the system. However, at the time of reservation creation they will mention the relevant cost centre for which the engineering spare is being issued.

The warehouse manager will run the reservation list on a daily basis. He will check all the reservations made for the particular day.

If the movement is allowed and stock is available, he will issue goods while referencing the particular reservation. Upon issuance the stock quantity and value will decrease and the material consumption account will be charged automatically.

Partial issuance against reservations can be made. Only when the entire quantity of the reservation has been issued will the reservation be closed.

Material documents once posted cannot be changed. In case material documents are entered wrongly, they can be cancelled. Cancelling a material document does not allow the user to change the quantity.

If a movement needs to be reversed, a reversal transaction can be entered. The user may change the reversal quantities in the reversal document. The reversals are to be entered in the case of goods returned from the process order (MRN return), cost centers (Engineering Dept) and Sales Returns.

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